Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

i kind of found this guy kind of CUtE..
hahas.. whenever i talking to my fren he will look at mii.
btw lookin does not mean like marh hor..
but why he don look at other gals in my class..
or issit i look strange..
SIAO!! where got lor.. LOL
dunnno leh..
i think i got little bit like him barh
hahas :]
yeah.. school holiday liao..
Zzz so long nvr blog le..
erm.. have been very busy this few days lor..
BV bazaar, remidial and alot..
ytd bv bazaar was damn fun lor..
alothough got some ppl i dont like was there..
wah she wear like kids lor..
den the food we sell alot of ppl buy den long QQQQQQQQQQ..
i did not help alot lor..
my fren did more..
i was walking around go ppl stall and slackk..
but i still very tired...
F.U.N.. tats wat i can say..
like it..
found him keep lookin at mii<3

Saturday, May 26, 2007

wah can i say long long time nvr blog le..
haiish exam finish result suxxx...

now playin audi
ok la found it quite nice:)

hmm.. lookin for JOBS'
i niid job
as i niid $$$ to buy thing
tat i wanna..
haiish got lobang tell mii kkz..
hahas :]

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ii wasnt feeling while at the camp and when to see a trianer so called 'doctor' larh
he veri good and also veri funny..
he took mii to a rm and ask mii wats wrong.
the rm onli ot the 2 of us and they gal trainer who brought me there said: if he do anything to u, u nus shout ok i jus outside.'

the gal close the door and suddenl the 'doctor' shouted.
the gal came in and thought tat is was me who shouted and ask me anything wrong?
i said that i did not shouted is him den she ask him why he shouted
and he said tat can be opposite de marh.
means tat i do something to him larh..
i know he was kidding onli lor..
hahas:] he soo good lor.. everytime joke wif me de lor..
jus returned from camp siia..
damn tired..
the camp is somewhere near a cemetary (think is like tat spell de barh)
is veri scary at night lor..
camy fire yesterday was fun..
but when we wanted to sleep, there have no places for us le..
cz we came on the second day and join..

those group of malay gals( no trying to be races)
they jus keep saying tat no space la, where you all sleep, go other place la..
me and fren started feeling 'bek cek' lor den we say never mind la,we sleep outside..

den the got one bitch(who is a chinese) say:'better go out la. we no space alr den you all still come in.'

we went outside den saw a trainer she ask us why?
we jus tell her no space lor.. den she went in a called all of them to move out space for us leh..
we feel sooooo paiseh lor..
we went in and the trainer left they started communicate in malay and they talk alot. den when my fren talk to mii veri softly there called us to shut up>>

got one gal from korea also same in this rm.. she veri good. still ask we got space marh and called her fren to move to give us more space.
she sooo good lor.

Friday, May 11, 2007

yeah!! i cut my hair liao...
veri veri VVVVVVVVVVVVVVvvv..
really like it siia..
all my fren say nice onli tat bitch say strange..

strange strange la..

hack care on wat she talking..